Put a smile on their faces... not a dent in your wallet. If the cost of a pool project has been delaying your decision, Sutherland offers an alternative that just might be the answer.

Versatility and looks at a great value... - The Sutherland Hybrid is made in round or oval shapes with a safe swimming depth for novice and expert swimmers. The pool is equally at home as full in-ground pool, partially out or above-ground as your budget may allow.

With a Hybrid you are in control of the costs. You specify your choice of shape, installation option, insert design, ladder/step/bench insert options and add your deck to fit your style sense and your budget. That's the benefit of going Hybrid!

Sutherland Semi In-Ground Pools

The Sutherland Hybrid offers loads of options that you can combine to fit your wish list as well as your budget! Let us help you build the perfect pool for your family today!

The Sutherland Hybrid can be adapted to any back yard. Sloped yards do not need expensive grading and retaining walls. The 52" wall depth gives more water to enjoy.

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Unlike some pools that advertise multiple installation options, the Sutherland Hybrid pool backs it up with a lifetime wall warranty for any application.

This quality pool is manufactured with load bearing walls for use in any installation. Need to exercise and swim laps? Take a look at the option of adding a resistance swim machine that allows casual swimming or intense training for your next Ironman contest.