Create a Spa Retreat at Home with Strong Premium Series.

With its foundation in our patented dual-walled DURA-LAST™ Cabinet & Base System, Strong's Premium Series offers unprecedented strength and unsurpassed heat-retention. DURA-LAST cabinet walls are molded hollow, then filled with a proprietary formulation of insulating foam. This foam is encapsulated within the walls, making access to spa components a breeze.

Strong Premium Spas

Outfitted with all the luxury you've come to expect in a Strong Spa, our Premium line offers seating engineered for optimal comfort, relaxation and hydrotherapy in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Luxurious amenities that soothe the senses and rejuvenate the spirit. Performance packages with power and efficiency in mind. Neighbor-taunting curb appeal. And, of course, the peace of mind that owning a Strong Spa brings.

THERAPY FOR MIND AND BODY. Strong's Acrylic Spas are designed for maximum hydrotheraputic benefits. Dedicated neck & shoulder jets, pulsators and spinners isolate and massage the areas that carry tension. Each Strong Spa is fitted with Waterway™ jets which allow you to control the pressure and direction of flow to relieve stress and muscle fatigue. Strong Spas feature incredibly comfortable seating featuring body loungers and captain's chairs for as many as seven adults.

While you relax, enjoy the LED light system that changes color with the touch of a button. A powerful HydroDrive pump system drives the jets and provides maximum water flow. Microban® treated filters help maintain a healthy spa enviroment, and Strong Spas are equipped with ozonators, naturally reducing the amount of chemicals needed.

Strong Premium Spas


Strong Premium Spas Patented Titan Hard Cover!
Patented Integrated Step & Towel Holder!
900+ combintions of color and cabinet style!
Unique Audio Packages!
Two-tone swirl jets with multiple therapy styles!
The Greenest" spa on the market!
New! Foot Dome with Jumbo Foot Jets
New! Reverse Swirl Jets Faces
Strong Premium Spas


Strong Premium Spas

Strong Spas cabinet systems come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against deterioration, cracking, peeling and rotting!

Strong Premium Spas


Strong Spa's patent-pending, dual-walled FORGE-CAST™ system is extremely energy efficient, reduces noise and still provides easy access to all internal components.

The unique ENERGY-LOK™ insulated system injects high density foam between the walls of the dual-walled system resulting in no harmful release of CFC's into the environment and a highly efficient thermal system.

Heat generated by the pumps in the internal cabinet air space is recycled and utilized by your spa, saving energy and money!


Strong Premium Spas Impervious to the elements. More than 10x thicker than most standard 1/4" spa bases. Insulated and efficient, it saves energy and helps keep your spa hot!

Strong Spa™ Cabinets will never require maintenance and come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Energy Efficient - Use less energy and save money with lower operating costs. Our systems filter and heat more water and cost less to operate than even a standard 1/16 hp circulating pump and friction heater.

Corozona ozonator creates a cleaner, more efficient spa using fewer chemicals. Strong Spa™ Cabinets are 100% recyclable!

Lucite™ Acrylic shells are reinforced with our environmentally-sound Strong SpasStrong-Bond™ rigidizing system. No harmful release of Styrene into the atmosphere! It's the eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass!

A spa cabintet so strong it's guaranteed for life. A spa so efficient it saves you money!


All Strong Spas are built with a commitment to the enviroment. Our DURA-LAST™ patented cabinet is constructed with partially recycled materials; helping to reduce plastic in landfills. The unique ENERGY-LOK® insulation system injects foam into a closed chamber resulting in almost zero release of CFC's into the environment. Strong SpasStrong Spas uses an exclusive StrongBond™ rigidizing system on our Lucite® acrylic shells instead of environmentally unfriendly fiberglass. This elmiminates Styrene, a hazardous air pollutant, from the manufacturing process. We achieve all this while offering gorgeous looks and the lifetime warranty on our DURA-LAST™ cabinet.

Strong Premium Spas

ENERGY SMART. Every Strong™ acrylic spa features our exclusive TRIBRID™ Synergy Heating System. Our stainless steel, true-all-season heater is enhanced with our ThermoCELL friction heat source... 2 heat sources running at the cost of one! Plus. the heat generated by the pumps in the interenal cabinet air space is recycled and utilized by your spa, saving energy and money!

Our patent-pending, double-walled FORGE-CAST™ system reduces noise and is extremely energy efficient while still allowing easy access to all internal components. The patent-pending ENERGY-LOK® insulated cabinet base and walls have a unique double-walled construction that is filled with high-density, closed cell foam, similar to a Thermos or freezer.

Strong Premium Spas

Stong Spas are luxurious, energy-efficient and feature the most advanced technological breakthroughs in the industry. Our elegant, patented DURA-LAST™ cabinets are beautiful and durable.

Step & Towel Holder feature not available in Crestwood, 40" Wood or 40" Wicker cabinet styles. Matching storage step included instead.

Strong's patented DuraLast™ cabinet comes in these beautiful designs, all with the industry's FIRST LIFETIME WARRANTY on the cabinet structure!

Strong Premium Spas
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