With its foundation in our patented dual-walled DURA-LAST™ Cabinet & Base System, Strong’s Premium Series offers unprecedented strength and unsurpassed heat-retention. DURA-LAST cabinet walls are molded hollow, then filled with a proprietary formulation of insulating foam. This foam is encapsulated within the walls, making access to spa components a breeze.

Outfitted with all the luxury you’ve come to expect in a Strong Spa, our Premium line offers seating engineered for optimal comfort, relaxation and hydrotherapy in a variety of sizes and shapes. Luxurious amenities that soothe the senses and rejuvenate the spirit. Performance packages with power and efficiency in mind. Neighbor- taunting curb appeal. And, of course, the peace of mind that owning a Strong Spa brings.

Seat Capacity: 5-6
Dimensions: 91 x 91 x 36
Average Spa Volume: 400 USG/1514 L
Dry Weight: 950 LBS/430.9 KG
Total Filled Weight: 3875 LBS/1758 KG
Pump 1: 5BHP 2-spd
Pump 2: 5BHP 1-spd
Diverter Valves: No
Water Purification System: Ozone
Filtration: Floating Weir
Filters: 50 sq. ft. cartridge
Electrical North America: 240V/60hz
Electrical International: 230V/50hz
Jets: 44 SS Two Tone
Lights: 5" underwater LED + 'S' LED controls
Waterfall: Molded Backlit LED
Ozone: Inc
Seating: Lounger

Price: $6,499.00

With Hardcover: $7,499

Strong Premium Spa Series

Strong Premium Spa Series

Strong Premium Spa Series