Riviera Pools... Swim-able Art. 15 Year Warranty. Our Riviera Swimming Pools draw inspiration from the elegance of a time gone by. The lifestyle of the French Riviera. The Royal Principality of Monaco, a refuge of the Wealthy, harbor to Luxury Yachts, Racecars, and glamorous Movie Stars. And of course the Casino.

Our beautiful Nimes takes its name from a Town in the South of France. It was founded by the Romans and became one of the richest and the finest cities of its time. Like its namesake, when you own a pool like the Riviera Nimes you will enjoy its rich quality that will make you feel like an Emporer (or an Empress).

This is a pool that will help you celebrate life and the pursuit of happiness. The softly curved lines of our Nimes fiberglass pool blends with any landscape without compromising space. From its free flowing lines to its easy entry steps these are classic pools for a modern lifestyle.

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* For PA customers within a 50 mile radius of American Recreational.