Noveau Monaco

Riviera Pools... Swim-able Art. 15 Year Warranty. Our Riviera Swimming Pools draw inspiration from the elegance of a time gone by. The lifestyle of the French Riviera. The Royal Principality of Monaco, a refuge of the Wealthy, harbor to Luxury Yachts, Racecars, and glamorous Movie Stars. And of course the Casino.

The Nouveau Monaco has everything. It is our latest fiberglass pool design, culminating a year of design innovations. A full 40 feet long, whatever your aquatic endeavor, the Nouveau Monaco has it. An easy entry spa with pool spillway.

The spa also features a tanning ledge for lounging. Once you have exercised in your pool, your therapy spa is right there.

Talk to a Riviera Fiberglass Pool Professional about a heater, waterfalls, fountains, mood lighting, self cleaning system, deck jets, automatic sanitizers and other available features to enhance your pool experience.

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* For PA customers within a 50 mile radius of American Recreational.

Noveau Monaco
Length: 40'
Width: 14' 1"
Shallow: 3' 10"
Deep: 6' 3"